Call us at (02) 9436 4329
Call us at (02) 9436 4329

Conveyancing - Commercial and Residential

Buying or selling a residential or commercial property is a significant matter in most peoples' lives. For some people it is the most significant transaction they will ever undertake.

So you properly understand your rights and obligations we will take the time to:

  • Explain the issues involved in the sale or purchase of your property.
  • Explain the difference between buying or selling at Public Auction and Private Treaty.
  • Tell you what costs are involved including stamp duty
  • Advise you about your Contract for Sale
  • Advise you about and negotiate special terms and conditions for the sale or purchase of your property
  • Attend to your lenders' requirements
  • Organise the appropriate searches and enquiries to ensure you get what you think you are buying
  • Find out and advise you if the property you are buying is or might be affected
  • Ask the seller the right questions about the property being sold
  • Organize settlement