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Call us at (02) 9436 4329

Family Law

We are experienced in dealing with all Family Law issues, including but not limited to:

  • Divorce
  • Children’s matters
  • Child Support Matters

Is your Partner preventing you from seeing your child? Are you in dispute about residence and/or contact issues? Do you need to sort out your ‘property’ matters? Do you need assistance in a more difficult and ‘one-off’ type of Application, such as an Application for Contravention (by your Partner or ex-Partner) of Children’s Orders, or an Applications for a Variation to the Orders? We can help.

De Facto Relationships Law

Do you really know if you are a De Facto Partner of a person, for all Legal purposes? Or do you just think that you are? We have represented and acted for De Facto partners in various property settlements.

We are familiar with the processes involved in effecting Property Settlements (most of such settlements are arrived at amicably, by way of a formal Separation Agreement, drafted in accordance with the relevant Legislation) between De Facto Partners. If settlement cannot be achieved, we can assist you to Litigate disputes in Court against your Partner or ex-Partner.